Thinking of getting lip fillers only? Why don’t you combine it with chin fillers? People in the UK are opting for chin fillers to go along with lip fillers. Why are they doing it? It boosts their facial beauty and contours their most prominent facial features like lips, chin and jaw.

Non-surgical chin fillers are rising, and UK citizens are falling for them. We’ve seen exponential growth in chin jobs using filler injections in the last couple of years, says Dr Esho, a cosmetic doctor with clinics in London and Newcastle.

As your lips are enhanced, the precise injection of the chin fillers helps you to achieve a defined shape of the chin. It perfectly realigns with the new appearance of the lips and complements the entire face, Dr Esho adds.

It has a knock-on effect and allows you to enjoy a more pronounced chin and jawline.

Why go for chin fillers?

A non-surgical chin filler treatment enhances your facial aesthetics by defining your chin and jawline. We know a lot of people in the UK are suffering from chin deformities like double chin, fleshy neck, drooping chin, and pointy, squared or receding chin. These problems can cloud your facial beauty. And take away your confidence.

This is where non-surgical chin fillers can come to be your saviours. You can have a prominent and perfectly shaped chin that improves the structure of your face. You get a beautiful face for that perfect selfie. After all, Insta and Snapchat are starving for your gorgeous photos.

During the consultation, the aesthetician will examine the shape of your chin and all other facial features. Depending on this examination, they will decide whether the asymmetry of it will be corrected, reshaped, lengthened or brought forward according to the other facial features.

The aestheticians or doctors will make sure the chin moulding results in a defined and contoured appearance of the chin and jawline, which augments your facial aesthetics and beauty and allows you to hold your head high.

The best thing about this procedure based on dermal fillers, apart from incredible results, is that it doesn’t come with any downtime. It contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally found substance in our body, so it is considered completely safe. Moreover, the results of dermal fillers are also long-lasting.

Are you a perfect candidate for it? Let’s find out!

Jessie Cheung, MD, a broad certified dermatologist specializing in surgical and cosmetic procedures, clarifies everything by saying, “Anyone who wants a better profile could consider chin filler.” “We all lose some bone as we age, and as our jawbone shrinks, we start to notice jowls and saggy necks. Envision a collapsing tent pole—if we put the tent pole back into place, the tent will smooth out.”

She says that injecting fillers below the chin can reshape it, and as a result, you can achieve whatever results you desire, like jawline definition. On the other hand, placing fillers on the anterior part acts to support the jowls. It also prevents the frowning of the lip muscles.

Before going for chin filler treatment, it is beneficial to consider all the other facial features and what the patient wants. Simply put, only treating the chin can disturb the symmetry of the face. “Any treatment should be done in the context of the whole face, particularly the rest of the jawline,” says Dr David Jack, a leading London-based aesthetic doctor. “I usually do injections in the chin and the lateral jawline.” His approach is based on the balancing of facial features.

What to expect from chin fillers?

Dr Jane Leonard, a qualified GP and Cosmetic doctor qualifying at the University of Manchester, says, “The treatment is super quick! It involves a series of deep injections of dermal fillers directly in the chin.” “The placement of each injection will vary depending on your facial shape and the look you aim to achieve.”

As far as the treatment is concerned, it all starts with a thorough examination and discussion of what exactly the patient wants. Based on this discussion, the Doctor will decide how many injections will be required to provide the desired results. This discussion can also include questions like cost, time taken for the treatment, downtime, etc.

Most chin filler treatment providers will commence using a modest amount of fillers. The skin will be cleansed before injecting, and numbing cream may also be applied to counter any sort of discomfort. Now comes the time to inject the filler at multiple points, mostly under the chin and jawline. The Doctor will also massage the area where fillers are placed, moulding it into the required shape.

The procedure normally takes between 25-35 minutes. It also depends on the quantity of the fillers injected. Although it isn’t painful, people describe it as a feeling of prickling and slight pressure. It isn’t painful.

When will you see visible results?

This amazing chin reshaping treatment is known to provide immediate results. After the treatment, you will notice a clear volume instantly. However, final results start appearing after 5-7 days when the swelling subsides. This is the exact reason why it has become so popular in recent times.

One thing more, non-surgical fillers provide long-lasting results, but they are not permanent like cosmetic surgery. If done by an experienced and board-certified specialist, the results are known to stay for 9-12 months. The plus point of this treatment is that if you like your new appearance, including jawline and chin, you can opt for regular appointments, if necessary.


  • Non-surgical chin filler treatment is non-invasive and best for those who don’t want to go under the knife.
  • It comes to no downtime at all.
  • You will get a custom treatment to give you the right volume, lift and appearance. Whatever results you desire, they can be tweaked in the later treatments.
  • All those people who don’t want to go for permanent reshaping must try this amazing treatment.
  • Best for those considering surgery but want to try a changed look before getting it permanent.
  • Chin fillers aren’t expensive when compared to permanent surgical options.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your chin filler treatment, you can have them reversed.

All these beneficial points regarding chin fillers should be enough to compel you to get treatment. And if you have made up your mind, choose Expert Centre as your treatment provider. We have the most experienced and highly qualified doctors who will serve you with the best of their knowledge and expertise.