IPL Acne Treatment in London 

Try our certified skin practitioners to control your acne and give you flawless skin!


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IPL Acne Control

Try our certified skin practitioners to control your acne and give you flawless skin!


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One acne treatment that suits everyone

Why you might be a suitable candidate?

Has making excuses to avoid parties become your habit? You don’t like to discuss your acne with your friends? Have you already started to feel like a misfit on your own skin? Are you tired of forcibly spending hundreds of dollars to conceal your acne scars with makeup?

If yes, then our IPL acne control program can be a lifesaver for you. Yes, with our exclusively structured 3 months’ acne control plan, you can feel great about your skin again. You can be social again and re-establish your confidence once you achieve flawless skin with no downtime.

Benefits of  IPL Acne Treatment 

Our intense pulsed light treatment has multiple benefits and takes very little of your precious time and money.

Here are some benefits listed to help you decide better:

  • A visibly reduced number and severity of active lesions.
  • Prevents acne breakouts and diminishes inflammation.
  • The IPL acne control treatment softens the scars and smoothens the skin to make it appear brighter.
  • An acne-free flawless skin.
  • Gifts back your stolen confidence.
  • Eliminates the need to wear makeup unnecessarily.
  • You’ll love your skin and yourself.

What makes the Expert Centre a reliable choice?

At our clinic, we have a team of experts that are not only dedicated to their work but are very considerate towards their clients too. Moreover, at our clinic, each client is hospitably greeted and listened to, which makes them feel comfortable and safe.

Here is why you should consider us for your acne concerns

  • We understand that every skin type is unique, and this is why we offer customised acne control treatment to each of our clients.
  • We make sure you achieve excellent results for your skin concerns.
  • Our laser & light system and other arrangements work optimally to kill bacteria, causing acne.

We have a list of satisfied clients who confidently refer us to their loved ones. At our clinic, quality meets affordability as we offer the best prices.

Our Clinics

Central London

Expert Centre,

31-32 Eastcastle Street,

London W1W 8DL

Kensington Clinic

Vicarage House,

58-60 Kensington Church Street

W8 4DB

Chiswick Clinic

36 Devonshire Road,



Maida Vale Clinic

4 Sutherland Avenue,


W9 2HQ

Colindale Clinic

12 Holmstall Parade,



Little Avenue Clinic

2 Little Avenue,