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PRP Hair Teatment London

Prevent hair loss with our Plasma Hair Regrowth Treatment

Nowadays, both men and women are facing the issue of excessive hair fall and hair thinning. These conditions can be due to various factors. You may also be a victim of hair fall and thinning and might have tried numerous products to prevent it without results. Try our innovative Plasma Hair regrowth treatment to get back your beautiful, thick and lustrous hair.

At Expert Centre, we always remain at the forefront of offering advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Our plasma hair regrowth treatment is your best bet if you want to regain your thick mane of hair. As an established clinic, we use our knowledge and experience to develop a customised treatment.

Our experts carefully analyse the condition of your hair and discover the reason behind your hair loss to prevent future issues. We create a personalised treatment plan to resolve your specific hair concerns, quickly and effectively.

How does it work?

Our innovative plasma hair regrowth treatment is an exciting option for those men and women who are looking for an effective, safe and natural way for hair regrowth. We use your own plasma rich in platelets (PRP) for the treatment.

It is injected with a fine needle into your scalp, which contains growth factors. These growth factors present in your blood cells begin their work of stimulating natural hair growth. This results in giving you dense and healthy hair.

Results of Plasma Hair Regrowth

The results of PRP treatment takes about 4-6 months to become noticeable when new hair begins to appear. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your hair quality and volume. The benefits of PRP therapy continue for about one year following the treatment.

Use of topical anaesthetic

We use a topical anaesthetic on the treatment area so that you experience minimal discomfort of the injection needle.


There is no downtime of the plasma rich platelet therapy which means you can resume your daily routine activities instantly after taking treatment.

However, we recommend you to avoid taking hot showers, visit saunas or steam rooms and exercise for at least 48 hours.

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