Double Chin Removal London

Say goodbye to the double chin with Aqualyx injections. A simple, FDA-approved procedure eliminates double chin fat.


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Double Chin Removal

Are you tired of hiding your unsightly Double? Book your appointment for Double Chin Removal treatment now!


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It dissolves fat pockets for a more sculpted & contoured appearance. We have specialist in-house doctors to handle the treatment. You’ll have a defined chin & jawline without surgery.

Kiss Your Double Chin Goodbye

Double Chin Removal London is available for anyone who wants to get rid of those stubborn fat cells for good. The results are permanent, so don’t wait! Our expert doctors offer immediate consultation for any questions or concerns before and after the procedure. Book your appointment today to learn more about our procedure.

Get Absurdly Effective Results Today

A quick, easy procedure to permanently eliminate fat, soften the chin and create an overall slimmed facial appearance with Aqualyx. Double Chin Fat Dissolve is a safe and effective treatment that kills obstinate double chin fat cells and tones the slender sharper chin and jawline in as little as 30-40 minutes.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Aqualyx is ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of fat deposits under their chins or in specific areas of their bodies. To determine if Aqualyx Injectables are a good option for removing the double chin fat, a doctor will examine the patient and review their medical history. If this treatment is determined to be a good fit, then Aqualyx can be injected to reduce the appearance of fat deposits in treatable areas of the chin.

Aqualyx For Double Chin Treatment

Aqualyx is a gel-based aqueous solution that contains cholinic acid sodium salts and is marketed as an alternative to liposuction or surgical facelifts.


Weight Loss Effect

Aqualyx acts like a weight loss injection that dissolves the excess fat and locks it onto the fat cells, making them unstable.


Lymphatic Process

Fatty acids are then converted into energy by your body, and any cell residue is removed through the body’s lymphatic process.

Benefits of Double Chin Reduction Treatment

  • More Confidence

A double chin is bad for your self-esteem, especially if it’s been with you for years. Seeing yourself in the mirror with a smaller, tighter chin will give you more confidence in how you look and feel about yourself overall.

  • Youthful Look

When you have a double chin, it can make your face appear older than it actually is, which can be very unattractive. With a reduction procedure, the area around your chin becomes smaller and more youthful looking.

  • Better Breathing

A Double Chin Removal London can help correct breathing problems and allow for better breathing at night so that there are no more issues with fatigue during walking or your routine workout, especially when you sleep.

What To Expect from Double Chin Removal Treatment?

  • Consult

The first step of double chin reduction treatment is to know the medical history and cause of the double chin. It will help the doctor to find out what kind of treatment is suitable for you.

  • Mark

After your medical history, the next step is to mark out a grid-like area on your skin to be used as a reference when injecting Aqualyx. The grid will not affect your skin but will help doctors do their job more efficiently.

  • Inject

The third step is injecting Aqualyx into your skin, which will help reduce your double chin quickly! The procedure takes between 30-40 minutes, depending on how much fat is present in the chin region.

Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Results

Results will Sharper Chin & Jawline and Permanent.


Sharper Chin & Jawline

Not only will this procedure leave you with a sharp, toned chin and jawline, but it will also kill unwanted fats to give you the most defined look possible.


Permanent Results

Three treatments are all it takes for patients to see a significant difference in how their chin looks. The results are permanent as long as you maintain a constant weight.

What is the best procedure to get rid of a double chin?

Aqualyx injections enable your body to eliminate fat through the lymphatic system without risk by carefully dissolving fat. Reduced double chins and improved jawline definition are two benefits of this quick and uncomplicated operation.

How does Aqualyx work?

A treatment for reducing body fat, Aqualyx is just that. The treatment region is given an injection of a liquid substance. The substance binds to the fat cells as it is administered and disintegrates them. Afterward, during the coming weeks, the body gradually eliminates the fat.

Does the fat come back after Aqualyx?

When using Aqualyx, fats are permanently reduced; once gone, fat cells won’t come back as long as you keep your weight stable.

Does Aqualyx hurt during treatment?

Aqualyx can be painful if applied on the body but considerably less so in the face. There will be some pain in the body throughout the treatment, and experts will try their utmost to numb the areas. Aqualyx also contains a local anaesthetic, which aids in the management of discomfort.

Can the double chin be removed permanently?

In the past, getting rid of a double chin required surgery or liposuction, but this is no longer necessary. Aqualyx is a cutting-edge, FDA-approved procedure that permanently eliminates your fat cells.

How much does Double chin removal cost?

Such procedures do not have a set price; they differ from person to person. The procedure is just one of several variables that determine the price. Since each cosmetic procedure varies, we do not list precise prices but instead provide each customer with a customised consultation.

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