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Enjoy Range of Luxury Facial Treatments at Expert Center to Feel Refreshed, Pampered and Rejuvenated

Professional Luxury Facial Treatments in the UK at Expert Center

Since earlier times, facials are known for giving refreshed and brighter skin and complexion. At Expert Center, we take the concept to facials to the next level with our range of Luxury Facial treatments. Our exclusive variety of potent and highly-effective facial treatments is designed to address your specific skin concerns and improve it from inside out. We custom tailor the luxury facial treatments according to your skin type and concerns. We let you spend your quality ‘Me Time’ at Expert Center that leaves you with a refreshing and relaxing feel.

Our Range of Luxury Facial Treatments

At Expert Center, our goal is to give you beautiful, youthful and radiant skin which boosts your self-confidence. Healthy and younger-looking skin does not require concealing with makeup. By taking our facial treatments, you can flaunt your skin like a jewel even without makeup. We offer a range of luxury facial treatments, including:

  • Anti-ageing facial treatments
  • Acne facials
  • Mesotherapy
  • Pigmentation facials
  • Medical extraction facials
  • Vampire facial
  • Relaxing facials and many more!

Have an Ultimate Calming and Rejuvenating Experience

You might be maintaining a good skincare regime, but despite this, your skin needs something extra to slow down the process of ageing and counter the effects of a polluted environment. With our luxury facial treatment, we provide you with professional medical-grade facial treatments that use highly-effective and clinically proven formulations.

Unlike the regular facials which you get from salons and spas, our professionals customise the luxury facial treatment according to your skin type and concerns which you want to address. We thoroughly examine your skin and issues to create a personalised facial treatment which not just give you amazing skin but also effectively treats your skin concerns.

At Expert Center, we offer a calming and hygienic environment with state-of-the-art equipment. Our facial treatments are performed by trained, qualified and experienced professionals who know the precise techniques of giving you the right facial treatment. We create a unique facial treatment with a single or combination of facials to achieve desired results, quickly and effectively.

Cost of Our Luxury Facial Treatments

The cost of our luxury facial treatments vary according to the type of facial our expert recommends for your skin type and concerns. However, rest assured that we offer pocket-friendly and competitive luxury facial prices.

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