Rosacea Peel

Complete Rosacea Treatment with Home Care Suggestions Awaits You!


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Rosacea Peel

Complete Rosacea Treatment with Home Care Suggestions Awaits You!


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Unique layered peel that instantly calms your skin!

Having extensive experience in the skincare industry, our team of experts understands that every skin is different and has unique concerns. Therefore, whenever a client visits our clinic for rosacea peel treatment, this is how we initiate our treatment:

  • We inquire about the patient’s diet as a high acidic diet contributes to rosacea.
  • A stressful routine or situation can make rosacea worse and to figure out if you are undergoing any such situation, we discuss your lifestyle.
  • Direct exposure to the sun for longer periods of time is likely to be a cause of rosacea, and if you have an outdoor job, it becomes unavoidable. To help with this, we will suggest a sunscreen that helps protect your skin.
  • Discussing your skincare routine helps us understand the products you use at home and to determine if they are making rosacea worse. We consider it our duty to recommend calming products for rosacea treatment at home.
  • Our experts suggest good vitamins and minerals that can help reduce rosacea and make your skin nourished.

Combining a healthy diet, good skin care products and a healthy lifestyle with our rosacea treatment help us reach better results through our treatment.

Is Our Rosacea Treatment Right for You?

If your red pigment filled face makes you embarrassed and keeps you from being social, then our treatment is just right for you. The chances of adversities are minimal, and the best results can be obtained if you have fair skin. However, here is the list of conditions that make you incompatible for our rosacea treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Having a skin type 4 or near
  • Slow healing abilities usually caused by diabetes and lupus
  • Chronic medical history such as cancer, keloid scarring, lymphatic systems disorder, etc.
  • Use of Roaccutane recently
  • Usage of fake tans/suntans

If you are on any medication that isn’t suitable for the laser treatment, then we would advise you to return some weeks after you are off the medications.

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What to expect after the treatment?

The treatment lasts for approximately 20-30 minutes and is completely painless. However, some of our clients describe it as a hot pinprick, and some find it pleasant, depending on individual differences. You may feel sunburn-like feeling for 1-2 hours after the treatment, but it would settle down soon.

How much time is taken and how many treatments should I go for?

Normally, the rosacea peel takes 30 minutes for one session, and our highly experienced aestheticians advise you to go for 6-8 treatments, spaced a month apart, to gain ideal results.

What results are expected after this treatment?

You will have clear and calm skin with significantly reduced inflammation and redness. The results are instant and can be noticed even after a session or two.

Are there any side-effects of Rosacea Peel?

Although there aren’t any serious side-effects of this treatment, on rare occasions, the patient can experience peri-vascular bruising and an irritated ‘‘cat-scratch’’ appearance. The patient may also experience darkening or greying of the vessels, also known as coagulation.


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