How would you do it if you were told to untangle the tangled threads?

It’s pretty impossible to do it, but if you really want to untangle them, do not ever think you’ll be able to do it quickly. It would take ages.

In the same way, if a doctor is asked to solve the tangled veins. Then with the help of today’s technology, he will be able to do it in remarkably less time. The laser is a technology that is evolving every second. And treating varicose and spider veins has no longer been difficult or painful for one.

The cold has begun to take its toll, and the sale of opaque tights will also be on the rise in a few days. Those whose veins have recently become swollen will especially prefer these types of tights. I’m not talking about the veins that bloom; happily, I’m talking about the ones called varicose, some of which look like spiders’ legs.

It’s neither scary nor annoying to look at, but if you ask me, I like such veins exclusively when I think of pressing them with my finger. Normally, veins are visible on your feet or any part of the body, but varicose and spider veins are the ones that look tangled together.

Untreated spider or varicose veins can be dangerous because the blood gathering in these veins can clot. Such condition of veins can be more than just unappealing. They may trigger restless leg syndrome, swelling, pain, tired and aching legs. These are the symptoms that can directly affect the quality of your life.

So let’s look at how laser technology will solve these veins and what you can expect from your laser vein removal treatment.

The whole general story of vein removal with laser

Laser vein removal procedure is a convenient method for improving your appearance. However, if you haven’t had this type of procedure before, it would be understandable if you had some apprehension beforehand.

The more informed you are, the more comfortable you will be with your decision. Here’s some information that will help you prepare.

Don’t worry; the beginning is quite smooth

Before your treatment, you will have a complete physical examination. Your doctor will want to know your personal and family medical history so that they can make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

The doctor will also want to see how blood flows through the area to be treated, so you will probably go through some imaging scans, such as an ultrasound. You will be completely informed regarding all possible treatment options so that you are as well educated as possible.

Say goodbye to opaque leggings and tights

Laser vein removal is a modern alternative to more traditional treatments that tend to be more invasive. This treatment effectively treats problem veins in the foot and ankle and larger areas on the leg.

The area where the procedure is performed will be anaesthetised, and a small incision will be made. The device used for laser vein removal will then be inserted. As the device is withdrawn, energy will be emitted that will cause the vein to collapse and seal shut.

Now you’re all set

Once the procedure is completed, the treated area will be dressed so that infection cannot form. Then, in most cases, the doctor applies a bandage or a compression stocking and asks the patient to walk. You can expect your treatment to last somewhere around an hour.

But what are those things you need to take care of?

You will likely be able to return to your normal work routine as soon as the next day, but you’ll still need to perform some at-home care because you’ll need to change your dressing according to your doctor’s instructions. You may be asked to wear the bandage or compression stocking anywhere from one to three weeks. In some cases, however, patients are asked to wear them for a longer period of time.

It will be very important that you walk as much as possible so that you don’t suffer from any negative side effects. However, your doctor will let you know exactly how much you need to walk and for how long.

If you commonly exert yourself through strenuous physical exercise, your doctor will likely recommend that you refrain from that sort of activity for a certain period of time. If you are in the sun a great deal, you’ll need to make very sure that you keep the treated area covered for at least two weeks.

Otherwise, that area may form unsightly dark spots.

Is laser vein treatment better than home remedy treatments?

Getting rid of varicose veins is a priority for many sufferers. These veins may appear bulging from the skin and take a bluish or purplish colour. Not surprisingly, many find them embarrassing due to their unsightliness.

Thankfully, minimally-invasive treatments are available that have helped many individuals find relief from these veins safely and effectively. Some also turn to home remedies to help them treat this venous condition.

It’s important to note that home remedies are not cures for them but are used to treat their symptoms. The only way to get rid of varicose veins is laser treatment. Conservative home treatments do not do this and thus are not the actual cures.

For one, home treatments are much less expensive than procedures performed by a vein specialist to destroy or remove varicose veins. Many individuals may first try home remedy treatments before opting for the more expensive procedures performed in a clinic. A change in diet may be helpful in some cases, as increasing fibre intake may improve digestive health and reduce any pressure that’s being placed on the veins.

Vitamin C may help ensure that the vessels get the support they need. Compresses may also be helpful, while hot and cold baths may be effective in relieving symptoms.

Elevating the feet a few inches above the heart while lying horizontally may also be helpful. Compression stockings and exercise may be recommended by a specialist, too.

Other lasers and light therapies are available, too. If you are interested in these types of treatments, you should speak to your specialist beforehand in a free consultation session offered by Expert Centre.