The dimpled look on your body is concerning you? Finding ways to counter the unsightly cellulite on different parts of your body like thighs, belly, buttocks and back? We understand the trouble you are in. And this is exactly why we have written this blog; to help you get rid of it.

Before going into cellulite reduction from your buttocks and thighs, let’s tell you what cellulite is.


You know cellulite is troubling when you see your skin dimpled in the thigh and bum areas. It is visible when the thick fatty tissue in the skin starts to push against the connective tissue. According to an estimate, around 80 % of women ageing 21 or more are suffering from cellulite. Cellulite is not a serious cause of concern for the male population.

Cellulite normally affects the thighs, belly and buttocks. According to experts, this region has more mass or naturally contains more fatty tissue. Apart from the fatty tissue, some other causes of cellulite include:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Reduced lymphatic drainage
  • Less collagen
  • Weight gain, which results in increased fatty tissues
  • Estrogen
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Thinning of the skin’s outer layer
  • Inflammation of tissues

Cellulite won’t make you look unsightly if you have a strong and healthy body or a wide frame. For most people, it isn’t a cause for concern. However, many people are problematic about it and don’t want it. Thus they want to get rid of it.

Now that the lockdown has been imposed in all major cities of the UK, chances are that you won’t be able to visit a clinic or a doctor regarding your cellulite. This is why we have gathered some home remedies and exercises that will help you tone your body and get you back in shape once the lockdown is over. After all, you will have ample time at your disposal, so why not use it to reshape your body?

Home remedies for Cellulite Reduction


Massage is a ready-made home remedy that will help you lower the cellulite. Massage not only stretches your skin tissue but also improves the lymphatic drainage, both of which help a great deal in lowering and stretching the cellulite dimples. You can either do it yourself, ask a family member/partner or call a massage therapist at home.

You need regular massages if you want ideal results. Be consistent, and you will get the desired results.

Bioactive collagen peptides

A study conducted in 2015 says that the women who used bioactive collagen peptides experienced a cellulite reduction. Those women who consumed the oral supplements for 6 months noted a visible improvement in their thighs. The cellulite declined greatly.

Although encouraging results were seen in females of all weights, those with moderate weights experienced the best results. Experts believe that more studies like this must be conducted to ensure the effectiveness of oral supplements in decreasing cellulite.

Increase your water intake

We know that water consumption in the winter drops drastically, but you will have to drink lots of water to gain clear results. Not only will it keep you hydrated and your skin fresh, but it will also help flush out toxins, improve circulation and encourage lymphatic flow.

Weight loss

People who are overweight aren’t always the only ones who can have it. Some people suffering from obesity who are into weight loss have more chances of seeing positive results when it comes to cellulite. On the other hand, you can suffer from cellulite even if you are not overweight.

If you are also one of those Brits who want to tone their muscles and lose weight, you will see that a healthy and well-balanced diet and a regular workout routine will help you shape your thighs and buttocks.

Exercises that have shown their significance in lowering or eliminating cellulite

Exercise specialists believe that some workout techniques involving the legs and glutes tighten the skin in the area around the thighs. If you are regular in your approach, you may see visible results in Cellulite Reduction. Although exercise isn’t a sure shot way for a decrease in cellulite, when you’ll have stronger muscles and tighter skin, the appearance of cellulite and lumped skin may diminish.

Some helpful exercises that may help improve cellulite appearance are:


Stand with your feet wide apart (around 2-3 feet) with your toes pointed straight. Rehearse as if you are sitting on a chair by ensuring your knees don’t go over the feet. Now, while coming back to your upright position, squeeze your glutes. Repeat this exercise multiple times every day.

Jump squats

The jump squat is a bit more than ordinary squats in a way that you have to jump while coming back to the upright position. While performing a normal squat, speed up your movement and jump slightly at the end.

Make sure you land softly and not too hard. Repeat it multiple times every day.


This is an easy one. Stand in front of a bench, a stair or an exercise box. Use both feet and make as many repetitions as you can make. Now move forward as if you are about to step on the stair or exercise box and step back.

Glute kickbacks

Get yourself in an all-fours position. Now extend one leg behind you, making sure that it stretches your glutes and upper thighs. Now lower the leg and get it back to the initial position. Start the same with your other leg. Repeat.

Side Lunges

Stand in an upright position with your legs wide apart. Now, take a big step towards one side. Bend your knee and make sure that your hip pushes in the backward direction. When you lunge, keep your feet flat on the floor. Now, push the leg to return to your initial position.

Now repeat it with the other leg.


The exercises mentioned above use the weight of your body to help you reduce cellulite. Start slow and after some time, add weight and repetitions when you feel like. Once you are regular in your approach, you can also start using weights and barbells.

Combine aerobic exercises with strength training as aerobic workout promises burning fat. Make stretching an integral part of your exercise before and after the exercise. This will save you from muscle strains. On the other hand, a strengthening workout helps to build muscles and allows you to enjoy skin elasticity.

A perfect routine will give you an enhanced appearance, a toned lower body and reduced cellulite.

Famous aerobic activities that are deemed effective for fat burn include:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Dancing

Enjoy an activity from the ones mentioned above. You will be regular at it, and this helps you get lasting relief from obesity and cellulite.

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