All thanks to the continuous advancements in technology, dark-skinned and Asian people can now enjoy laser hair removal with complete peace of mind.

If you have dark skin (whether African, Asian or even Hispanic), you may have always been afraid to get laser hair removal. This is because the laser that removes your unwanted body hair is intense and must be done correctly to avoid damaging your skin.

In darker-skinned individuals, the pigment in the skin can absorb laser light differently, making it more challenging for lasers to treat than lighter-skinned people.

You now have the freedom to get rid of your unwanted hair and no longer feel self-conscious about it. The beauty industry has really come a long way, and laser hair removal today is remarkably effective than before – which makes it perfect for all skin types.

With the safety record improving by the day and stringent customer service policies enforced, lasers used in this process are more powerful than ever before.

This technology is now achieving noticeable results, even on very dark coloured skins.

The arrival of ND: Yag

We have ND: Yag laser considered a completely safe option for hair eradication from dark skin.

Before the arrival of ND: Yag laser on the scene, dark-skinned and Asian people had to suffer at the hands of unsightly hair, and they could only practice old-school methods of hair removal like shaving, threading, plucking and threading, etc.

Why they had to wait?

It is a known fact that melanin determines the colour of the skin.

And darker skin tones being rich in melanin could not be treated with Laser or IPL equipment as they weren’t advanced enough to differentiate between the dark hair and melanin present in their skin.

The breakthrough technology involved in ND: Yag allows its radiations to pass through the melanin in the dark and Asian skin. Thus, it works to destroy the hair follicle − under the skin − which stops hair growth without affecting the skin around the treatment area.

Due to it being completely safe and highly effective for dark and brown hair, ND: Yag laser is FDA approved for its ability to distinguish between skin and hair colours.

All lasers do not possess this quality and may not be suitable for melanin-rich skin. Hence, selecting the wrong technology can result in adverse circumstances like serious skin damage and hair growing back thicker and faster.

What is ND: Yag Laser?

Thanks to its wavelength of 1064 nm, ND: Yag is a special laser that penetrates deeper into the skin to perform hair removal than ordinary lasers.

Furthermore, they can infiltrate any amount of melanin to work their magic and destroying hair follicles for skin types like Asian, Dark, Middle Eastern, African, Caribbean and many more.

Before Going for Laser Hair Removal

How do these lasers work?

Apart from ND: Yag, other lasers are deemed suitable for Asian skin.


Due to its efficacy, ND: Yag leads all others.

Owing to its sensitivity, it can penetrate deep inside the skin only to target the dark colour of the hair follicle and not the pigment.

It doesn’t damage the melanin in the skin and also avoids trauma, which can scar the skin. 

The best thing about this technology is that it is equally effective against thick, coarse and strong hair.

So, if you are Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Caribbean or having dark skin, medical-grade ND: Yag laser is for you.

Understanding the Asian skin

The best scale to understand the special requirements of Asian or dark skin is Fitzpatrick, as it categorises human skin colour numerically.

Through the Fitzpatrick scale, the service provider can estimate the reaction of various types of skin to ultraviolet light.

According to this scale, Asian skin type is categorised as type 4.

Type 4 is the broadest skin range due to its melanin-producing capability. However, it’s not just the skin where melanin is found. It is also present in hair follicles too.

This is where ordinary lasers can get deceived and target the melanin in the skin instead of the follicles. As mentioned above, skin types having more melanin are more sensitive and prone to pigmentation and burning when treated with ordinary lasers for hair removal.

A few years back, laser practitioners used laser types like Ruby or Alexandrite, which are known to be great for thin hair and fair skin.

However, they were not ideal for Asian skin.

So, the stubborn Asian hair and this specific skin type can only be treated with this revolutionary laser technology called Nd: Yag.

How to prepare for Laser Hair Removal for Asian Skin?

It all starts with an initial consultation where the qualified practitioner will take you through the entire process, like what to expect, how the treatment will be performed and the anticipated results.

They will also answer all your queries and clear every confusion you have in your mind.

They will assess your skin and hair type to know whether you are suitable for the laser hair removal treatment or not. If you are willing to go ahead with the treatment, they will conduct a patch test.

Normally, it requires around 48 hours after the patch test to start the first session.

Important things to consider before the treatment

It is recommended not to go for waxing, threading or plucking 3-4 weeks before the treatment.

These hair removal methods are known to disturb the hair follicles.

If you’ve gone through any of these conventional methods, you’ll have to wait at least 3 weeks before the practitioner can conduct a patch test.

Apart from other hair removal methods, you should also avoid the intake of blood-thinning medications like aspirin.

Fake tanning, sunbathing, and hot showers are also not a good idea before and even after the treatment.

We suggest you shave your hair one day before the laser hair removal treatment. If you do not, the laser practitioner will have to do it, and it will take time.

So, it’s better to do it yourself.

Lastly, do take a shower before you leave for the clinic.

How is it done?

The procedure of laser hair removal for Asian skin , just like other skin types, involves many things.

It all starts with marking the treatment area. This eases the treatment procedure for the laser practitioner.

A cooling gel is applied to the treatment area to ensure that the heat radiations don’t adversely affect your skin.

If you want to remove hairs from the face, the clinic will provide you with goggles to protect your eyes and the area around them.

The actual treatment begins when the practitioner targets focused UV light from the laser device on the area to be treated. This light is then immersed by the hair in the follicles, damaging the follicles and disables hair growth.

During the treatment, especially in the beginning, you may feel slight discomfort.

However, many people undergoing this treatment do not complain about the pain or discomfort and go through it normally.

Time taken and sessions required

Time taken for one session of laser hair removal ranges between 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Laser hair removal from both legs takes around 1 hour, and the full body, including the face, may take about 3 hours for completion.

Although you will see visible results in just 1 or 2 sessions, you may be required for a full course of 6 sessions spaced at 4-8 weeks apart.

You may also be required to come for top-up sessions after the full treatment.

These sessions are done after 3-6 months.

Facts About Hair Growth

Results of (LHR) Laser hair removal for Asian or dark skin

After a complete treatment of 6 sessions, you will see significant hair reduction on the treatment area, and the skin will be smooth, soft, and baby-like.

Your skin texture will also be improved, and you’ll experience healthy skin as laser stimulates collagen production.

Moreover, LHR treatment will also take care of the ingrown hair that can be irritating, to say the least.

Aftercare of LHR

Twenty-four hours after the treatment, your skin may become more sensitive and red.

Hence, exposure to the sun should be avoided at all costs as it can burn the skin and cause irritation.

If it is very important, and you have to go under the sun, make sure you apply SPF sunblock 50 or above and cover your treated area with a soft cloth.

Drink lots of fluid after the treatment. It will help to moisturise your skin. You can also use mist pads.

If you are suffering from skin rash and redness, use an ice pack.

Your practitioner will advise you on the best aftercare treatment, and talking to them will benefit you.

Are there any downsides?

Yes, there are some side effects, and you can experience them.

There is nothing to worry about as these side effects like redness, itching and irritation will fade within a couple of days.

In extreme cases, the patients may suffer from blistering, swelling, bruises, burns and scarring.

These conditions trouble people in rare cases, still you must talk to the service provider about them and how to lower them.

Lastly, you may be required to change your normal skincare regime.

Why choose Expert Centre?

Expert Centre is your ultimate choice in the laser hair removal industry. We have already treated thousands of Asian and African patients using our state-of-the-art laser technology; ND: Yag.

Ours is a modern, state-of-the-art clinic where you’ll be greeted by highly experienced staff who are internationally qualified.