Ah, the disgusting acne. Enemy of my self-esteem and many Brits. When I was young, my skin was quite prone to acne and this really tore apart my confidence. Friends made a mockery of me, I was reluctant to meet guests, whenever someone paid a visit and stopped going out even on weekends.

It seemed as if my skin deliberately invited acne and other skin blemishes like pimples and freckles. During my childhood, I felt quite shy and embarrassed. And you know the reason why; acne bumps and its never-fading marks which were cordially hosted by my skin.

According to research, most people suffer from unwanted acne at least once in a lifetime. Furthermore, every fourth teenager develops some form of acne. Some unlucky ones, like me, have to go through this agonising period more than once.

Why do we fall prey to acne?

All over the world, it is one of the most common beauty damaging conditions triggered by the malfunctioning of sebaceous follicles in the skin or the annoying hormones. Some other reasons for acne are diet, stress and the quality of skin-care products we use on our skin. Not being careful with these factors can also worsen acne.

Sometimes, acne just won’t go away and leaves behind an appearance that you are afraid to show off. Some people are lucky and some aren’t so and resign to the fact that acne is here to stay. It can ruin our skin and confidence drastically. If you don’t nip the evil in the bud, it can leave pitted acne scars. These painful bumps can also trigger psychological issues.

During my research, I’ve come to know that a lot of people continue to suffer from acne breakouts. So, I wasn’t the only poor soul alive. Thanks to excessive sebum production. Moreover, hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy, menopause, specific medications and exposure to the sun can also be blamed for acne. It takes away our real beauty, glows and with it the self-esteem.

What to do

I’m sure you must’ve spent a hefty amount on acne-eliminating treatments. There are so many in the market with different catchy names to go along with the household remedies involving honey, aloe vera and other herbs. The oral antibiotics have been declared to have harsh side effects. So, don’t fall into the trap of catchy names and fancy treatments. Be smart!

The fast-rising IPL acne treatment

The bacteria causing acne is stubborn and can only be destroyed with Intense Pulsed Light Acne Treatment. The best thing about this treatment, based on IPL light, is that it breaks the acne cycle, destroys the pimples from within and stops new bumps from decorating your facial and body skin.

In just a few sessions of this most effective treatment, you will experience clear, bright and fresh skin free from acne. The specific wavelengths of light therapy are safe for most skin types and tighten the large pores, lower inflammation and cause the redness to fade away.

The best thing about this treatment is that it has proved its worth for mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

The science behind it

IPL technology makes use of a broad-spectrum light that is also used in several skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic uses. Its various uses include treatments for hair removal, acne, rosacea and ageing signs, etc.

To narrow the wavelengths emitting from the handheld device, the aesthetician will use a cut-off filter. This is necessary to make the right penetrations under the epidermis so, that it effectively targets the acne-causing bacteria, inflammation, acne lesions and prevents the occurrence of overactive sebaceous glands.

What to expect during the treatment?

It all starts with the application of a cooling gel which acts as a protectant for the top surface of the skin. The Intense Pulsed Light targets the overactive sebaceous which results in the lowered production of oil known to cause acne.

Once done, the tip of the handheld piece is pressed against the skin which emits a controlled wavelength of light. The aesthetician will keep on moving the tip to the nearby area to cover the entire face, décolletage or body area affected by mild to moderate acne.

After the completion, your skin will be cleaned and the service provider will apply a calming product to soothe your skin. The IPL acne treatment is special because it is effective, painless and completely safe.

Are you a suitable candidate?

IPL acne treatment is for all those of you suffering from mild to moderate acne. If you are troubled, don’t wait to book your appointment with a reliable and professional service provider. On the other hand, if severe cystic acne bothers you, we would recommend you to visit a doctor and get yourself checked first.

How many sessions do you require?

In normal circumstances, you will have to go through a course of 6 sessions to eliminate acne and get a fair, young and clear glow. Some people will get the desired results after 4 sessions. For best results, experts suggest that you go for a session after every 3 weeks.

Does it involve any downtime?

Once you are done with a session of IPL Acne Treatment, the skin may appear red, but it will fade away within a few days. There is no downtime associated with anti-acne treatment. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause any pain and is completely safe so, throw all doubts out of the window.

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