One thing common amongst all brits: we want everything to be smooth. Smooth roads, smooth economy, smooth, free of fuss jobs and all the processes in which we’re involved like banking, medical, immigration, and more. And that too for a long time.

What about having smooth bodies that are hair free? Although it should be part of our normal grooming routine, thousands of brits of all genders don’t pay any attention to it. In the end, a lot of people suffer from the hands of unsightly, unwanted hair on different parts of their bodies. Add to that the fact we’ve known for decades now that razors, waxing, and threading are not long-term, budget-friendly solutions for nipping the evil of body hair in the bud.

So, if you are tired of spending money on these tiresome and painful methods for years/decades now. We’ve got you covered. The permanent and pocket-friendly solution in the long run to bodily hair and a smooth finish is opting for Laser Hair Removal treatment. In this piece, we’ll give you some details on what factors decide the costs of this lasting treatment and how your investment in it will pay back.

Before we tell you the Laser Hair Removal cost UK for different body parts and packages, let’s enlighten you with a few factors involved in the cost of LHR. Clinics and service providers calculate or set their prices based on these multiple factors.

Laser Hair Removal Cost UK Depends on These Factors

Size of the area

Laser Hair Removal treatment can treat your entire body; no area is left untreated if you go for full body treatment. From the back to front, legs to lips, chin to arms & under arms, you can get every hair removed from every centimetre of your body. So, understandably larger areas take more time to treat, and more money will also be required for the treatment as there will be more hair follicles.

Simply saying, if you plan to achieve smooth legs and back. You’ll be charged more than what you’ll pay for a small or medium-sized area like lips or face.

Laser type

Another important factor affecting the Laser Hair Removal cost in UK is the type of laser used for the treatment. There are different types of lasers in the market. Every type is used for certain skin tones and hair types.

For instance, the Expert Centre, UK’s leading hair removal clinic, uses two advanced types of Lasers, Nd:YAG and Alexandrite, to treat its customers based on their skin and hair types. These lasers offer painless and quick treatments with little to no side effects. Many clinics use other types of lasers. Based on the use of different lasers and the technology used in them, prices may vary.

Hair type and skin colour

We know all skin tones and hair types aren’t the same. Some skin tones and hair types are hard to treat and may take more sessions to produce the required results as compared to other skin types and hair. For instance, if you are lucky to have lighter skin tone and darker hair. You may have to pay less and go for fewer sessions. This factor also plays a major role in setting Laser Hair Removal costs in UK.

On the other hand, people with dark or tanned skin and fair hair will have to undergo more Laser Hair removal sessions for a hair-free, carefree, smooth body.

Experience of the service provider and location of the clinic

Most people will be aware of these aspects. This is why we’ve combined these two. When it comes to medical or cosmetic procedures. We always prefer someone having a good reputation and experience under their belt. This means they will definitely charge more compared to someone with less experience and not that high reputation.

The same goes for the location and clinic settings. If you’re going to get treated from a clinic located in the posh areas of the biggest metropolitans like Central London, New York, Paris, Milan, or Dubai, you’ll have to incur more costs. On the contrary, if the clinic’s location is a far-off remote area, then the costs will also be low because the owner will pay much less rent.

How much does Laser Hair Removal Cost UK

The multiple factors discussed above directly affect the Laser Hair Removal Cost in UK. However, the average costs range from £20 to £1000. Moreover, for great results, Expert Centre and all renowned service providers in the UK suggest that you go for multiple sessions to zap unwanted hair for a long time.

You may get a suitable discount when you book multiple sessions. When it comes to micro areas, 1 session can cost you around £20-25 per session. However, costs can vary if you book a complete package of 6 or 8 sessions at once. Small areas may cost you around £50-80 per session. Lastly, when it comes to large areas and full-body, including Hollywood areas. You may have to lighten your pocket as it may cost you between £500 to 1000 or depending on the factors.

Detailed LHR Price List

You can go through a detailed list of prices and packages of LHR for all genders and body areas at Expert Centre. Every now and then, we roll attractive discounts for our clients who take full advantage of our offers designed by keeping them in mind. Not to forget, we have some of the most celebrated aestheticians and laser experts working for us who will serve you with the best of their knowledge, skill, and experience.