Take a closer look at top celebs like Emma Watson, Gal Gadot, Rihanna, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and our evergreen beauties Angeline Jolie and J.Lo. Apart from their startling beauty, did you notice how rested, calm and flawless skin they own?

The days of fairy tales are long gone, and these megastars opt for regular facials and skincare treatments to get a refreshing look. One of the most indulging and popular treatments these lead stars’ love is the anti-ageing facial.

Why go for an Anti Ageing Facial?

As we age, natural collagen production in our bodies starts lowering. As a result, we start seeing wrinkles, sagging and dull skin. Going for regular anti-ageing facials is the only answer to these problems. These opulent facials tend to relax the muscles, giving them a rested and calm look. Also, the infusion of nutrients casts a magic spell over the skin, giving us a facial finish, we’ve yearned for years

We are not done yet. Just keep on counting the benefits of this amazing facial.

It gives your skin a boost of moisture and antioxidants. Moreover, it also lifts the skin and eliminates fine lines, wrinkles and dull-looking skin. As a result, you get radiant smooth and nourished skin which allows you to gain attention, wherever you go.

An anti ageing facial treatment can be your ticket to flawless and rejuvenated skin, free from the signs of age and tiredness. Going for an anti-ageing facial coupled with Microcurrent LED light therapy enables your skin to absorb the peptides and growth factors. Followed by a collagen mask, charges your skin and gives it a glow from the inside. 

How does this incredible treatment work?

We know all facials come with exfoliation; however, an anti-ageing facial differs from your routine facial. It includes a double cleanse followed by steaming to open blocked pores. Then blackheads and whiteheads are extracted.

After exfoliation, a microcurrent is applied onto the skin which pushes vitamin serums into the deep layers of the skin into the muscles. This is followed by deep exfoliation with Vitamin C crystals, unlike your ordinary spa facial. Lastly, a collagen mask is applied and finished by LED light therapy.

You get smooth, gorgeous and revitalised skin with significantly fewer ageing marks and signs of dullness.

Anti-ageing facial: the best skincare routine for your skin

Let’s delve into some of the super beneficial features of this one-in-a-million facial.

It’s not like your ordinary facial

As it includes double exfoliation. It makes sure to slough away all dead skin cells to uncover smooth young and fresh skin from underneath. Exfoliation is also known to stimulate collagen production and improve circulation. Which means better penetration of peptides and other growth factors that act from the inside to generate cell renewal. 

You achieve an enhanced texture of your skin

In the end, the growth factors and the collagen mask help improve the skin’s texture and tone, giving it a smooth and plumper appearance. The subtle pressure applied during facial massage contours and defined facial features. You end up getting a sculpted appearance which turns up your beauty.

An anti-ageing facial helps in slowing down the ageing process

Ageing signs around your eyes, cheeks, nose and mouth can conceal your beauty. Because these facials include multi-vitamins, collagen-infused serums and hyaluronic acid. They counter the ageing signs and skin dullness and help to restore skin’s glow and firmness. Regularly wearing these facials will help you achieve more elastic and firm skin.

Replenish your skin and say goodbye to dehydration

For those suffering from age, dry and patchy skin, an anti-ageing facial is the best treatment you’ve ever wanted. These facial treatments involve the application of hyaluronic acid, moisturisers and nourishing serums, which increase your skin’s moisture level.

The Galvanic device regulates the level of moisture deep inside the pores and helps you achieve beautiful, fresh, supple and revived skin.

Helps you get rid of broken capillaries and age spots

As the anti-ageing treatment involves LED-light therapy. It enables you to achieve flawless skin free from any age spots and broken capillaries. Led light therapies are known to restore the skin’s health and rejuvenate it from a deep level. Moreover, it also strengthens the skin and leaves it firm for a long time. For ideal and long-lasting results. Top facial experts recommend anti-ageing facial treatments.

You own a youthful and firm skin

It is a misconception that an anti-ageing facial can only be done if your age exceeds 35 or 40 years to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. You can also benefit from it in your mid-twenties or early thirties when human skin matures.

Whichever age group you belong to, these wonderful facials will help you gain and enjoy the beauty and youth of your skin by shielding it against the signs of premature ageing.

Does it provide quick results?

Yes, it does. Even after your first treatment, you will see an incredible change in the texture of your skin. As it removes all the dead skin cells and impurities hidden deep down in the pores. You get child-like skin which is rejuvenated, hydrated and nourished from the inside.

Moreover, your skin will be firm and tighter after the facial. If you want enduring results, we suggest you go for this every 2-4 week. Not to forget, choosing a highly experienced and well-known service provider.

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