Medical director and the chief surgeon of Precision Aesthetics. Lisa A. Zdinak, conducted the first study using carboxy therapy to rejuvenate facial skin, especially under-eye. She found that by injecting the gas (carbon dioxide) beneath the skin of the eyelid, blood circulation and oxygen supply increased, and dark circles under the eyes were markedly improved.

In these technologically advanced times. We’ve heard of almost every method of invigorating skin that has lost its healthy elasticity.

Women and men who want to reverse time on their face and body can now do so without going under the knife. From dermal fillers to Botox to ultrasound therapy, plenty of anti-ageing procedures achieve amazing results.

If you are curious about a perfect approach to rejuvenation, there is Carboxytherapy.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty first of what it is and how it is used.

What is Carboxy Therapy?

Carboxytherapy has become the most influential body and facial aesthetic technique. Which achieves impressive beauty results, reducing problems such as sagging, stretch marks, fluid retention, lack of elasticity, cellulite, localised fat, and orange peel skin that helps you regain a real pre-adult, younger look.

It involves using completely organic micro-subcutaneous injections of a gaseous substance, CO2.

One of the reasons why this method is so potent is because it involves a product that your body recognises as something natural as it’s already within you.

One of the things that I’m keen on the most is that during the treatment. You’ll be able to improve all the body issues that worry you such as stretch marks, sagging facial and skin cellulite. When you breathe in O2, your body keeps up with it and transforms it. And on exhaling, you discharge CO2.

This informative blog is written to discuss some productive clinical benefits of receiving carboxy therapy. Even though this treatment is highly performed in cosmetic and medical settings. Many people do not know its benefits and applications. Especially their amazing benefits in cosmetic therapy are unveiled here for you if you are concerned about your beauty.

People who’re going to choose any cosmetic procedure can make use of this blog to receive carboxy therapy at best.

Carboxytherapy removes dark circles under your eyes

Although this therapy works exceptionally well for different health benefits. It’s used in beauty treatment to eliminate the darkness under the eyes.

By far, the most intriguing point about this therapy is that it’ll help clean out the darkness naturally. That’s without triggering any adverse effects on your body’s skin.

The carbon dioxide injected into your body will rush the blood circulation and oxygen supply throughout the body. And so, when your cells are enriched with all the essential oxygen and nutrition, the darkness under your skin or eyes gets eradicated quickly.

The treatment takes only 45 minutes, but their results are very effective.

Extra fat no longer belongs on your body

This is one of the exceptionally ideal techniques performed to reduce your body’s fat content.

Most people do this therapy as part of aesthetic treatment to regularise their skin. This is done to eliminate the fat gathered in the body and the face.

The co2 injected into your body will work on your fat cells and dissolve them. The dissolved fat contents are then quickly eradicated by your body.

Since the treatment is very simple, many people are coming forward to melt their body fat away. This technique is the perfect solution for people not interested in receiving surgical procedures.

It acts as a stimulus to your collagen production

Collagen development happens under your skin. This is responsible for the youthful look. This development gets reduced eventually when your age gets increased.

Carboxytherapy stimulates collagen production, which experts claim can help keep the vibrant look of your skin. People needing to reduce their ageing appearance can have this therapy without concern.

Above and beyond this, carboxy therapy is used for its other medical benefits, including cellulite detection and many other health benefits. And this is also considered to be the non-invasive option for different problems.

Although this treatment holds several benefits and to experience them at best without raising any complications, this treatment should be done under the administration of professionals.

Safety and convenience

You may have slight bruising at the injection site, especially in the legs and arms. The bruising should subside within seven days. Carboxytherapy is a moderately safe treatment with virtually no side effects.

As it is an outpatient procedure, it hardly takes 45 minutes to complete. The best thing is you can get back to your normal routine immediately.

If you have received the treatment for your fat reduction and cellulite. Ensure you stay away from bathing in a tub and swimming for at least 24 hours. You must be happy to know that there is no downtime involved after carboxy therapy. Usually, you can resume your everyday life within 10 to 15 minutes, including returning to work.

However, going a bit to the downside, when treating scars and stretch marks. You should expect mild redness and swell on the treated area, but they will soon subside.

Better Skin Without Surgery

If you’re beginning to notice the sign of ageing on your face, carboxy therapy offers a non-surgical, all-natural approach to improved beauty. To reach your ultimate limits, remember that several sessions are involved in achieving the desired outcome. So make sure you are not leaving any stone unturned if you need the skin of your dreams.

The chain of professional beauty and aesthetic clinics in London offers a warm, friendly, inviting yet sterile and clean environment where you can safely and securely receive the treatment of your choice.

This carboxy therapy for dark circles, stretch marks and other skin issues will be offered with a choice of alternatives and all the details about the treatment you want.