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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

For more than two decades, beauticians and clinicians have been commercially applying and testing a comparatively new technique for hair removal – Laser Hair Removal.

This particular technique uses pulses of laser light to target the chromophore molecules in the skin and hair follicles. These are usually called melanin; a term you may have come across before.

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What skin and hair type is best for laser hair removal?

It is very important to understand that any type of skin tone assimilates light energy. For most satisfactory results, your hair should be darker
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How Laser Hair Removal Works?

The usage of the latest laser-based equipment guarantees wonderful results. The emission of laser light from the handpiece turns into heat energy when targeted onto the skin.

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Laser Hair Removal vs IPL

Typically, people notice 80% reduction in hairs in almost 10+ treatments. Intense pulsed light only work on medium to light skin tones – they significantly burn darker skin tones.
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How Your Treatment Goes?

All things aside, a free consultation is the first step. In consultation, our professional will assess your skin and hair type; this assessment will finalise the proper bespoke plan, including how many treatments and which laser you will need. After finalising the treatment plan, your treatment will start either on the same day, or you can schedule it for the next day.

Before Treatment

Before treatment, make sure you avoid sun exposure for 3-4 weeks.

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During Treatment

We’ll mark the treatable area with white lines in order to pin the exact point where the laser takes place.

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After Treatment

Follow the post treatment plan or advice.

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Don’t take our word for it.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say!


My first session alone made a real difference. I got my facial hairs treated, and at the end of the day, my stubble had almost gone. I’m sure the results will get better in the next sessions.

Betty’s Story

That was really annoying routine for me to shave my facial hair on a daily basis. After receiving a course of 8 sessions, my skin became smooth and hair-free with no ingrown hairs and stubble. Thumbs up to Expert Centre

Erin’s Story

An exceptional experience I have ever had with Expert Centre. They are professional enough to treat male laser hair removal treatment. I was treated with respect and discreet manner. I strongly recommend it.

Amanda’s Story

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